Portable Track Geometry Measurement System
Reflow Oven Controller
Portable Track Geometry Measurement System
Portable Track Geometry Measurement System (PTGMS)

PTGMS is sensor based trolley measures the deviation of geometry parameters of railway track from its original position. 
This device records following rail track geometry parameters with geo position information:
Gauge, Alignment, Unevenness, Cant/Cross-level, Twist, Track Quality Index

PTGMS assists in
  • Effective track maintenance using sensor technology
  • Assists in prompt maintenance decisions by Railways
  • Prevents derailments thus ensuring passenger safety
  • Assists in predictive maintenance and budget planning
  • Uploads reports directly to central server using 4G/5G
  • Operable by unskilled person

PTGMS is supplied along with
  • Android Device (controller) to collect / record the data
  • Desktop Data Evaluation Software

Reflow Oven Controller
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