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Dweepi Innovations Private Limited

Our precision is our strength


Young and Passionate

We love what we do. It excites us every time.


Research and Innovation

Keep finding ways to do it better. Never give up.


Honest and Dependable

We and our products too.


Precision and Quality 

We care them each and every stage.

About Us


Dweepi Innovations Private Limited founded in the year 2018

We have strong skills and diverse expertise in Embedded systems. Experienced professionals with extensive research, development and proven project management processes deliver high quality and cost effective products in the field of Electronics and Information Technology.

Product Development

πŸ“ We do designing and development of software products, hardware products and turnkey solutions.
🌎 We have cross skill development of Circuits, Embedded software, Sensor integration, IC communication, Microcontroller programming, Application programming, Web integration, App development,
🏠 In house development of machine design, enclosure design and complete product integration and testing.

Product Services

πŸ’‘ We provide support for product development, software development and automation solutions.
πŸ”¦ We suggest best possibilities for client products requirements.
⏱ We are committed to deliver the best customized automation frameworks to ensure the quality of the product is not degraded due to adopting change or new requirements.
πŸ’° We are committed to deliver the best and most cost effective solutions to our clients.


We develop products in the field of Electronics and Information Technology


Product Development

We design and develop software products, hardware products and turnkey solutions


Electronic Hardware

Electonic Devices
LCD display solutions






Embedded Software
Automation Frameworks
App development

Our Products

We track tracks to keep everything on track


β˜† Portable Track Geometry Measurement System measures track parameters under track floating conditions and also records visual inspections.
β˜† Trolley does not have dependencies on other machines or track schedules that makes it to use any time for track profiling.
β˜† Less weight that can carry by single person
β˜† It is as easy as a basic skilled person can operate

DIY SMD PCB Soldering Reflow Oven set

β˜†The SMD reflow oven controller is a quick soldering solution for SMD PCBs.
β˜† Solder your components at once within 5 minutes.
β˜† Affordable and useful-to-have for electronic product startups, R&D startups, etc.

LED Display

β˜† All Indian/International Languages can be displayed.
β˜† Anti-aliasing feature for good readability. 
β˜† Higher Visual Refresh Rate for smooth display.
β˜† Single colour & RGB display.
β˜† Play text/picture/video via mobile app

Our Shop

DIY SMD PCB Soldering Reflow Oven Set


Software Solutions Services

We provides Middleware & software solutions in Electronics and Information technology

Turnkey Solutions Services

We provide hardware, firmware, Software, App development for Embedded Systems

Automation Services

We provide Software, Hardware, Industry Automation solutions

Our Associations


Our Associations


Contact Us

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Dweepi Innovations Private Limited,
Research and Innovation Park,
3rd Floor,IIT Delhi,
Hauz Khas,
New Delhi 110016

  Phone: +91-7599611999